Two Kisses for the Cowboy

My Grandmother’s Stories (cont.)

I would like to thank my older sister for passing this one along. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll just copy and paste our gchat conversation. Ah- story telling in the 21st century….

(Note:  my part of the conversation has been extracted so as not to distract from the story, and some inappropriate words may have been replaced with more friendly ones.  Also, names are replaced with ‘x’)

hah, after we went to the consignment store we went to cvs so ‘x’ could print pics
and grammy was getting antsy bc it was taking a while
so she wanted some chocolate
after much mulling she chose almond hershey kisses
she couldn’t open the bag so she handed it to me…. i swear that thing was like fort knox
so i opened it… and a good amount landed on the floor
hilarious if u were there… she started to kick and push them under the counter while i was fighting to pick them up
they were ‘fruitcaking’ wrapped for ‘golly’ sake!  still good
plus there’s the 10 second rule
and then there was this older cowboy next to us who witnessed the whole thing so she tries to hand him one
and he goes… so your going to give me one from the floor?
and she said no, this one is from the bag
but he was nice and politely declined
so she said well now you can tell your wife that two pretty ladies tried to give you a kiss.
it was cute, grammy was sitting on a random stool they had with the bag of kisses on her lap munching away and she kept telling me “now tatiana, you have as much as you want, ok?”
-The End

Seriously.  My grandmother is my idol.  I even have a bowl of almond hershey kisses within arms reach.

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