Vampires and Ryan Tedder?

It all started with the hit single ‘Apologize.’  Then it was Leona Lewis’s ‘Bleeding Love,’  Then it was Beyonce’s ‘Halo’.  Now it’s One Republic’s latest album featuring ‘All the Right Moves‘ and ‘Secrets.’  I’ve come to the likely conclusion that Ryan Tedder, front man of One Republic and song writer of the hits mentioned above, is a musical genius.

He’s the Stephanie Meyer of the music industry- somehow the man just knows what makes an international chart topper from the drama of his violins to a catchy chorus.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there’s no glory in loving the obvious but I can’t help but be impressed by the talent it takes to consistently produce such hits.  They’re the type of songs that you immediately fall in love with and play too many times, and all seem to follow the same musical plot line but I have no shame in admitting that I enjoy the obvious nature of it.  Much like the Twilight saga, it’s a guilty pleasure with not a lot of depth, but it still takes talent to know what the general public wants.  Tedder also wrote such hits as Leona Lewis’s ‘Happy‘, Jordin Sparks’s ‘Battlefield’ and Kelley Clarkson’s ‘Already Gone‘.

Like my grandmother, I truly love all music and don’t discriminate genres.  From Kenny Chesney to Kid Cudi to JT to Charlotte Church (no lie) to Breaking Benjamin to Damien Rice to Lupe to Simon and Garfunkel to the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice and Moulin Rouge to lil’wayne and on and on- I love it all. Even if I do have music ADHD, I know what I love and that’s Ryan Tedder.

He’s my Mozart of todays pop music and I’m not ashamed to admit that not only do I appreciate his genius, but that yes, I have read enough of the Twilight saga to know that my comparison stands. Go team Jacob!  Or are we not doing that anymore?

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