Kitty McKitterson

We made the plunge. Signed the deed. Married the commitment. We adopted two little, 12-week old kitties. Now we just need to decide on their names.

We adopted them from Saint Meows, a local rescue shelter run by a wonderful woman and a group of volunteers.  As I type and carefully stroke a sleeping Lilly (for now), Marshall plops himself right on top of Lilly’s head, kung-fo, suffocating-pillow style.  Sibling love at it’s finest.

They spent the first hour in their new home exploring, noses to the ground, ears alert. Once satisfied with their domain, their attention was turned to play and has been ever since, punctuated by short periods of a coma-like sleep. They never go from A to B in a straight line, everything is an obstacle course- it’s over the table, between the legs, off the wall, and into the drawer. And they’re smart- they found their litterbox, food and water within the first hour. That’s more independent than some young adults I know.

Want more kitty footage? Then check out this quick, sleepy video I slapped together. If that’s not enough for you, then check out this AMAZING website.

Possible kitty names?

-Lilly and Marshall
– Puss and Boots
-Booth and Bones
– Momo and Appa
-Ginger and Pepper
-Bandit and Carmella
-Holmes and Watson

When left to my own devices, I tend to think of names that recall food, like ginger, caramel, and pepper.  I find this disturbing because really, it just makes me hungry.

5 thoughts on “Kitty McKitterson

  1. :)) I swear marshall (the yellow one) looks exactly like my cat at home 😀 hehe.

    and my vote for puss and boots 😀 but second choice is M&L

  2. All are great names! But being a lover of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ I think Lily and Marshall 🙂
    Then again ‘Puss In Boots’ was a favorite book of mine and Lindsay’s when we were little

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