Here are a Few of my Favorite Things

Over the years, I’ve built an odd-ball collection of favorite links.  Some were discovered by myself, others by word of mouth or viral email, and some collected from other blogs and online social media. Only the best have made the cut for the link was only recorded once I realized I was visiting the site repeatedly. Most I emailed to myself for safe keeping, others were scribbled on a post it note, both physical and virtual. And now, those sources combined, I give you my personal recipe for endless online entertainment.


*Stunning, part CGI video by Alex Roman. Architecture meets Photography meets heaven:  The 3rd and the 7th.

*You know those random thoughts you have? Chances are we’ve all had them too:

*Animated desserts: Verdi- Traviata

*If you’re not aware of xkcd, then shame. Here’s a personal favorite, because I totally relate.  And for you movie nerds, go here.  Love flow charts?

* Two men and their old friend- a lion- are reunited. Will Christian remember them? Christian the Lion

*Grandma shows who’s boss (and everything else from Honking Fail

*Women immortalized on the canvas, as one: Portraits

*You know how you could watch kitty videos on youtube all day long? Just hit next:

*Fantastic cute blog dedicated to weddings, from DIY projects to photography:

*Hulu’s LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers). Parts are as lame as they sound, but the cinematography is stunning, and the short, non-standard vignettes somewhat refreshing: LXD

*Love her old school, film photography. Reminiscent of so many great things forgotten: Galaxy Andrews

General Handy Resources (all free):

* Personal Finance tracking:

* Send custom html (pretty!) emails to your mailing lists:

* Random, but I love the TV sitcom FriendsFriends

So, this post was as much for me as for anyone. It feels good to finally have my collection of links together and somewhat immortalized on the worldwide internet. I’m not even going to mention the links that I know by heart and have no need to record, like “David goes to the Dentist,” “Charlie bit me,” or “Sneezing Panda.” Oh wait, I just did.

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