Card of Business

Vistaprint has got to be one of the most annoying online companies.  No where is it safe from their ads or spam and to actually purchase something, you have to click through about 100 request for magnets, mugs, and t-shirts. I, however, had a $50 gift certificate to use that expired at midnight. I didn’t care if I had to order 50 pens or 10 pointless key chaines, I was going to get my money’s worth.

So I made about 1,000 business cards that I don’t really need.  I also only had about 2 hours to make them and wasn’t about to use one of their templates. So what do you get when you have no time and not exactly sure what your business card should say? See below.

I quickly watercolored an image of an old Nikon SLR, slapped some Tiffany blue down in photoshopped, added some stitching details and basic info- viola. A card that’s borderline tacky, but me nonetheless.

Interestingly enough, I might be changing my phone number soon (so long 772).

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