Apples to Pumpkins

It was a beautiful fall day for a visit to my grandmother’s and apple picking at Sholan Farms in Leominster, MA (home to Johnny Appleseed, how apropo). It was my first time ever picking apples and I was as giddy as the 3 feet tall munchkins that were running around everywhere, (think kids- not umpalumpas). From giant green Mutsu apples to your traditional McIntosh, the orchard was bursting with colors- and flavors- as my grandmother was keen to explore as she taste tested in every row.

Apple picking was made all the more interesting by my grandmother’s usual antics: “Do you like my two apples?” she asked, holding the apples in the most appropriate location. She later upgraded to two pumpkins. With them nestled against her chest, she smiled at her friend who was volunteering at the farm. Her friend returned the gesture with a playful slap to the arm, ‘Marie, don’t you get fresh now!”

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