Emi Overload

Almost 1,000 photos on your iphone taken over two months- I assume that’s the standard for new parents?

Maxing out your Dropbox acccount, that’s to be expected, too, right? With that big mop of fanciful hair, mullet down the back. With her steady gaze, and toothless grin- I’d say 1,000 photos is about right.

She’s a girl who likes to talk, babbling first thing in the morning and right before bed. She already seems to understand that her soft, girly “ooohs” make her parents melt, and how her vocal “YARS!” send us running straight to her.  She’s a long, skinny string-bean who looks just like her Dad, which can only mean, that, to balance the scales, (in the least scientific way possible) she will most likely develop my personality. And if that’s true, then I guess my Mom is right:  payback is a… tough one!




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