East and West Coasting in Florida

I have to say, it’s quite nice to have both sets of grandparents living in vacation zones. A recent trip to Florida to see a friend married (beautiful wedding) meant we also got to visit my parents in Vero Beach, and the hubbie’s parents in Sarasota. And, to top off the trip, Emi got to hang with her super cool cousin, Levi. I packed my camera with great expectations, but as seems to be the case of late, it mostly remained packed away. Chasing after an almost two year old and managing delicate equipment is just too emotionally draining. As an infant- super easy to manage. And as an older toddler, I find myself photographing more again, but that in-between age, when they grab and throw and you need both hands to catch them and other things- best to stick with the iphone.

A few brave camera-outings resulted in the below.


And a few iphone snaps…


Photo Feb 21, 12 49 55 PM
Photo Feb 24, 11 39 00 AM

Photo Feb 22, 5 39 20 PM

Photo Feb 21, 12 48 23 PM


Oh- and two of my recent fav Emi pics.


Photo Feb 29, 11 19 44 AM

Photo Feb 05, 11 48 56 AM (1)

And while we’re here, some snowy coop pics after a sticky, short snowfall.

Photo Feb 05, 10 09 55 AM

Photo Feb 05, 9 56 50 AM


One thought on “East and West Coasting in Florida

  1. T-

    I am no longer surprised by the power of your photographs. However, two of the photos of Emi are particularly stunning. The head shot of her in the blue dress and the photo of her in the striped sweatshirt. So good!

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