Family Flavors

I don’t know how chefs put together cook books with hundreds of recipes. Just putting forty or so together took me months, between the layouts, cooking, and photographing. And of course, as soon as I went to print I found a few more typos. Oh well.

Blurb, the online custom printer I used, is a wonderful service that allows you to digitally preview the book and even place orders at print cost. So feel free to flip through the book or even purchase one (if you dare!).

Food Photos

I’m still many pages, words and hours away from completing a family cookbook, but I’ve been distracting myself with cover ideas in the meantime.









I was happy with the originally intended cover photo, (above right) but then found some gorgeous pears at the grocery store- 3 unique varieties, fully developed with brown mottling and blush toned flares. I couldn’t resist a little photo shoot while my veggie fritters were frying up for dinner.

So far the cookbook has (to name a few) fudge, chocolate italian cookies, and cranberry buckle for dessert; beef stew, spinach quiche, risotto and crab cakes for dinner; Arugula/parmesan salad, chicken salad, and orzo salad for lunch; hummus, latkes, zucchini fritters, pinwheels, butternut soup, and coleslaw for sides- oops, I think I just gained a few more pounds…

Recipes aside, the question for now is only: Which cover photo is better?