My Grandmother’s Stories (cont.)

Cemetery Hit and Run

Disclaimer:  No illegal activity actually occurred and no persons were injured.

Grandmother:  “I was in my nightgown, hanging the laundry outside when I realized that I locked myself out. What could I do? Grampy was already down at the sand pit, so I called over to my sister in law (also neighbor) to help.  She ended up using her ladder to climb in through the sliding glass door on the second floor.  She let me in, and that was that.  But, I was flustered so I decided to go for my morning walk down at the Cemetery.

I parked my car by the side as always, and started my two laps.  Well, half way into my first lap a host of cars drive through, and it appears as if a funeral is about to begin.  And I recognize some of the people in the party.  I don’t want to disturb anyone or be seen so I hurry back to my car.  I quickly jumped in, put it in reverse, and ‘thud.’  I got out of the car and ran to the back— You wouldn’t believe it.  I ran over a grave stone.

I didn’t know what to do.  I couldn’t just leave the grave stone knocked over like that. And I couldn’t hail someone from the funeral.  I was so upset.  Luckily, two men who work at the cemetery saw me and came over to help. They explained how that particular gravestone get’s knocked over all the time, since it’s at the corner of the lot.  They pushed it right back up and all was right again.

My grandmother’s CD collection for her car:

1.  The Lion King Soundtrack

2.  Dolly Parton’s Greatest Hits

3.  Christmas Carols

4.  Native American Drumming

5.  …And a Cd to represent every other nationality.

I’m serious.  My grandmother has the most anti-discriminatory music collection.  She genuinely appreciates music from all cultures.  Well, except this blue grass, folksy CD she accidently bought.  But beyond that, she loves the cuban beats, spanish fiestas, and the native american heartbeat. I think I’ll give her a CD that represents the eastern half of the hemisphere for Christmas.  I give her credit though. She discovered all of these music flavors on her own, and not many people have such faith.  It takes a musical recommendation or pop culture to help us know what sort of music we’ll like- but not my grandmother.  She just dives in, and truly listens.

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