1/2 off Anniversary

My boyfriend is a brilliant man. Take note.

I started dating my current boyfriend about four years ago.  I say ‘about’ four years ago because we never officially marked the date, we are not the sort to mark such things.  However, a few years ago, we did try to figure it out.  We know we started dating in February, and it was definitely after Valentines day.  That’s it. And since school kept us busy and unromantic, we have yet to really celebrate an anniversary of any sort- and let’s face it, single digit anniversaries- I’m sure the veterans of commitment  are laughing in amusement.

All of this brings me to today.  While walking home together, I remembered that our anniversary was coming up soon and proposed we just roll it in with Valentine’s day to make it easy. He, however, countered with ‘why don’t we make it the Saturday after Valentines day.  The chocolate will be 1/2 off and I can use Valentine’s day as a reminder that I have 1 week to get you a gift.’

Really.  He had me at 1/2 off.  I think that means I get double the chocolate.

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