Barney’s Remodel

This really belongs to ‘deals and steals,’ but since some sewing was involved, here it is. I found a vintage, silk Barney’s New York blouse at the local church thrift store for $3. I cut out the neckline and was going to shorten the sleeves but didn’t have the heart to cut anymore. Back (not featured) is a button up.

This was also my first time doing self portraits with a timer- awkward experience. If you have a sewing machine, this alteration takes less than an hour. For more ‘clothes remodel’ ideas, check out this fantastic blog that my sister just told me about. Word to the wise- always cut less than you think when altering. This is not my first alteration of a thrift store item, but it was the first that I cut the right amount for.

Also, just because I can’t help myself, skirt is Badgley Mischka from TjMaxx for $8.

Want to know how I got the shot?  Easy! Backdrop was my bedroom curtains (that I made from $2 a yard muslin) with afternoon light coming through.  Since I was doing self portraits and had to use a tripod, I went ahead and set the shutter to 1/20 (which is pretty slow) and compensated with an f-stop around 9. Shooting into light gives you a soft glow and the long steady exposure completes that silky finish. Nearly ALL cameras, DSLR and point-and-shoot alike, have self timers so quit ‘one arming’ those shots!  And anything is a tripod, from a bar counter to a shelf.

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