What I’ve been Up To…

Since it’s obviously not blogging.

1. I discovered the most wonderful, relatively healthy sandwich. Roasted zucchini (with salt/pepper/garlic powder) with Provolone cheese on a baguette.

2.  Being on the 4th floor has advantages after all, like being at ‘upper tree height’ and having your window blocked solid with orange leaves.

3. Handmade stockings for the holidays, personalized with ‘monogrammed’ felt lettering and hand beading.

4. Wreath, $6.99 at the grocery store. Small roses, $2, dried and adorned. Silk ribbon is handmade.

5. First time cooking a turkey, and first time cooking the gibblets IN the turkey. Oops.

6.  Turkey coma. The Kitties have been eating left over turkey for days.

7. A family set of stocking’s for my brother, made almost entirely of silk

8. Lilly get’s chilly and hangs out in the lamp for warmth. She doesn’t like to share.

I’ve also started an ‘inspiration board’ filled with things I cut out and collected to reference for ideas.

Yes, that little boy on the bottom left hand corner is indeed Will.

Get inspired, Happy Holidays!

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