Paging Grandma

It’s no secret that I think my Grandmother is amazing. One of her many talents is story telling, and there can be no story telling without story making, which she also happens to be quite good at. She told us this dandy of a story over a pre-Christmas dinner at the ‘fancy smancy’ Lobster Shanty. Her intro was promising  and started with a, “Teresa, have I got one for you…

“So the other day I was out on my new porch, lying in the sun in one of my tube tops.” (By tube top, she means stretchy skirt pulled up and used as a shirt.)

“It was getting hot and I needed to go back inside, but had too many things to carry with my cup, plate and phone, so I just stuck the phone, you know, down there.” (Points to spot between chest. Yes, that’s right, she put the phone down her shirt, nestled between the generous girlies.)

“I went inside and was washing the dishes when your Grandfather asks me where the phone is.  I couldn’t remember so I helped him look for it. I started in the bedroom while he pushed the button to page the phone.

I could hear it, but it was faint, so I started looking under the sheets, under the bed, tearing through the clothes. It was so close but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I went from room to room doing the same thing- lifting the couch cushions, looking on the porch- nothing. I was going bonkers, I could hear it! Then I slowly pulled the phone out of my shirt (it had slid way down) and your grandfather nearly died laughing. First time in about 60 years I’ve ever seen him laugh that hard.”

Her story was short and simple, but so rich and vivid to me in the middle of the restaurant. I can’t tell you what I ordered, but I can tell you that our table was laughing so hard that heads were turned.

Spanning 4 generations: My mother, Niece, and Grandmother.


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