The Lost Photos

A collage of recent photos that I’ve been meaning to post for awhile now…

1. Painting replica I did of Van Gogh’s still life of a chair.  I love studying his use of colors- especially love his use of blue for shadows. They vibrate against one another.

2. Marshall blending in on throw blanket.

3. Lilly sitting like a person on her favorite chair. Only cat I know who loves using the arm rest.

4. Homemade ice tea with mint. Inexpensive and refreshing. Brew 6 bags of tea (I used decaf. reg) add 3 spoonfuls or sugar (pending on sweetness), fill cold water to top of container,  add a few squirts of bottled or fresh lemon juice to taste. Add fresh mint to cooled tea, but be careful not to drink the leaves- can be hard to digest.

4.5.  Photo of statue/lights in Cambridge Common.

5. Ink/marker poster I did for Will for his Birthday a few years ago. Forgot about it until now. Based poster off illustration from one of his comic books, so despite it being hand made, it’s not orginal.

1. Robert Marc prescription eye glasses Will bought me for Christmas. Best present ever. It was really hard to find that perfect pair of glasses, and it’s of course really nice to be able to read street signs now.  The girl who helped me at Robert Marc even sent a note- talk about customer service.

2.  The MOST expensive thing I ever bought- a leather/wool Nicole Miller pea coat of sorts. It was love at first sight and discounted at TjMaxx, but still cost me an arm and a leg- or rather a gift card + some Christmas cash.

3.  Glittering fresh snow.

4. Sledding at the park.

5. Sledding through fresh, fluffy snow = snow up the pants… and everywhere else.

6. Bedroom light and evening view from window post blizzard.

7.  Rearranged bedroom so that our heads are further from the incessantly CLUNKING radiator at night.

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