I do

On Saturday, October 20th, Will and I were married. It was a simple ceremony on the beach with only immediate family in attendance.

The whole affair was rather secretive once all was decided. A few months ago Will and I came to the conclusion that when all was said and done, all we wanted was to be married and couldn’t imagine the pressure of having a large audience. But also, we couldn’t imagine not celebrating with all of our family and friends. So we decided to separate the two goals. We quietly arranged to have our families meet up in my hometown of Vero Beach to not just witness the important moment, but to also spend some time together. Next, our goal is to arrange for a party sometime around June 2013 in the New York area to celebrate our marriage, even if it will be months after the fact. (So stay tuned!)

The ceremony in Vero was truly simple and effortless.  We arranged for a deputy clerk from the court house to perform the ceremony down near the beach where I swam nearly every day as a kid. As the sun slowly set in the west, the low light bathed the eastern sky in soft pastels. Waves quietly rustled against the shore. The words only took a few minutes. Will chose to incorporate some Jewish traditions, reciting Hebrew lines as he placed the ring on my finger. We of course also broke the glass. I had debated writing my own vows for awhile and even wrote a few pages. I found I couldn’t stop writing. I was trying so hard to say something so specific yet seemingly impossible to capture. But then like most things, I found the words when I wasn’t looking. When it was my turn to speak I simply said, “You bring me peace. I love you.”

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We had no official photographer, props, hair stylist, make-up. Nothing but the reason why we all were there. (I partially mention this in defense of my general appearance- I am no wizard with hair and makeup.) I also got a steal on my silk dress, and created and hand beaded my sash. Also in the DIY spirit, my talented mother made the 4 layered pound cake with chocolate ganache, raspberries and butter cream frosting. I sculpted the purple sugar flowers that decorated the top.

I forgot to take a real photo with my camera, so this iphone shot is the only photo I have.

The photographs are courtesy of my trusty Nikon D90, 50mm lens, my brother Steven, and his amazing wife Lizzy. I idolized my sister-in-law’s spirit as she quickly snapped hundreds of photos, running about and working for each and every frame. I noted that if I had an ounce of her general attitude and constant enthusiasm, I would be a much better photographer. Big thanks to all who made our day so special.

Our honeymoon was in the tropical paradise of the US Virgin Islands. We spent 5 luxurious days as total beach bums at the Ritz in St. Thomas.

I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing husband.

3 thoughts on “I do

  1. Congratulations!!! You look beautiful. The wedding looks very intimate and wonderful. I love your wedding and honeymoon pictures and your hair looks gorgeous! I am sooo happy for you guys. You finally did it!


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