I found it was about time I cleaned up my portfolio and separate business from pleasure. So, I recently designed two new websites: my photography portfolio ( and a real estate photography portfolio (



Both sites could still use some cleanup, but it’s a start. I also have to get serious about consistent branding. For so long now, I’ve used variations of my name (Teresa Marie Lattanzio), but with my recent name change to Forster, I decided to keep it simple and unique with Tree Marie. My little sister calls me Tree-Tree, and it is indeed the only nickname I was ever given. It stuck. I like it. Although, I must admit, my new email ( has provided some confusion, with most hearing “tree forester”- the association is there.

I’ll still be posting the occasional photo, updates, and my deals/steals to this blog, but for all other purposes, be sure to visit my other new sites!

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